History of Petrol RC Cars

By 1966 there was a small number is commercially viable RC cars available. They were mostly produced by the Italian company El-Gi.

The first RC model was a 1:12 Ferrari and was made available to the UK market right in time for Christmas in December 1966. El-Gi’s second model was an 1:10 Ferrari P4. It was unveiled at the Milan Toy Fair in early 68.

In The late 60’s a Leicester based company named Mardave began producing nitro and gas powered RC cars, the first of which was sold in the local are in early 70’s.

By The late 70s the popularity of RC Car racing began to grow and many people began to experiment in building their very own cars from scratch with the help of Tamiya releasing RC Kits for budding enthusiasts.

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First offroad Petrol RC Cars

Alt Petrol RC Cars for Off Road

Tamiya released the first Off Road remote controlled vehicle in 1979. They were called the Sand Scorcher and the Rough Rider.

In 1980 Schumacher Racing developed adjustable ball differential which enabled hobbyist to tune their cars to suit various track conditions. In 1986 the released their CAT vehicle. It was widely considered to be the best off road buggy racer of the time. The CAT Vehicle actually won the off road world championship in 1987 giving it he credit of sparking an interest in the world of off road 4 wheel RC driving.

Both Electric and Nitro cars have come a long way since the first one were released all those years ago.

Electric cars have evolved from non-rebuildable brushed motors with NiCad batteries to brushless motors with LiPo batteries. Nitro cars have developed from small engine cars to jaw dropping 36-80 engines that are used for monster trucks. No doubt with the constant development of technology these car will only continue to get bigger, better and faster.